Analysis and specific programming

MÒDUL4 has a technical team that specializes in the production of specific programs that are designed based on the needs of each user.



Preparation of custom vertical solutions with

  • Prior study
  • Functional Analysis


This phase requires the active collaboration of the user to know his real needs.


Organic Analysis:

  • Search of the best solution
  • Description of processes
  • Output Formats


In this phase are designed:

  • The files that make up the database.
  • The fields that make up the files.
  • Relations files: primary and secondary indexes, types of relationships, etc.
  • Data Entry Forms.
  • Reports of consults and listings.
  • Process (consults / macros / programming modules).


Having defined the features of the new application, they must be converted into software solutions.

  • Programming
  • Launching
  • Documentation
  • Training and maintenance
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