Management software represent the core of computing in a company. The success of management decisions depends on the applications’ ease of use, speed of response and the ability to generate reports and statistics.


MÒDUL4 poses solutions to improve data integration, facilitate access and improve the management of knowledge among its various applications, to ensure:


Accessibility to information.

Data is the primary source of information. We study the type of tools and techniques users need, regardless their origin.


Support in decision making. It seeks to go beyond in presentation of information, so that users have access to analysis tools that enable them to select and manipulate only the data that interests them.


Streamline corporate information to have a single consistent version of what happens inside the company to make decision making easier.


The areas involved in consultancy and programming services are:


Analysis and specific programming

Web Development and Internet Marketing

Applications gsbase

M4 Programs

Training & Support


MÒDUL4 takes responsability for project performing and after implementing it we still be present to assist the company to achieve continuos improvement.

Programming Analysis and specific programming Web Development and Internet Marketing gsBase Applications M4 PROGRAMS Training & Support

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