MÒDUL4 has a department that specializes in computer and communication systems renting for events of different kinds.

MÒDUL4’s experience and sense of responsibility enable us to solve any setback quickly and effectively.

MÒDUL4 manages and coordinates the human and technological resources to provide effective responses to the needs of the organizers.

  • Previous study of the installations.
  • Design of technological solutions with adjusted budgets.
  • Events and conventions technical organization.
  • Accreditation and attendance control.
  • Electronic poster design.
  • Medical operations, conference and institutional events broadcast.
  • Publications of online video streaming and on-demand.
  • Course management and continuous training. Evaluation.

MÒDUL4 not only gives you computer resources but any other service you may need, in order to create a channel of collaboration to make the event a success.

Services and solutions Proven experience

C/ Almogàvers, 68-70 - 08018 - Barcelona

tel. 93 303 68 04 - fax 93 303 68 06

[email protected]