ICT Consultancy


ICT consultancy studies companies’ business goals and gives advice on how to apply information and communication technologies in order to achieve them.


MÒDUL4 looks for the necessary balance between ICT’s needs and services to find the convenient cost/benefit relation.


MÒDUL4 has qualified and experienced consultants.


Once your needs derived from business strategy have been analyzed, our team will help you creating an Action Plan, that will be reflected in a project in which will be involved both the company's employees and the departments, and MÒDUL4 specialists.


We provide advice and consultancy in the areas of:


Computer systems & Communications
  • Configuration, exploitation and maintenance of computer systems.
  • Advice and management in I +D+I projects.
  • Analysis communication, security and corporative mail.
Web and multimedia
Analysis and programming


MÒDUL4 is responsible for implementing the project within the deadlines, with the required quality and the lowest cost.


After the implementation MÒDUL4 will keep being present to collaborate with the company to achieve a continuing improvement level.


C/ Almogàvers, 68-70 - 08018 - Barcelona

tel. 93 303 68 04 - fax 93 303 68 06

[email protected]