Barracuda is the leading provider of business solutions in spam firewalls for complete security of electronic mail.

MÒDUL4 is a Certified Partner of Barracuda Networks and sells, installs and configures its solutions.



Barracuda Spam Firewall

Barracuda Spam Firewall is an integrated hardware and software solution. It is designed to protect email servers from spam attacks, viruses, spoofing, Phishing (phishing scams) and spyware. It includes 12 comprehensive defensive layers to provide defense capabilities to any email server.



Barracuda Message Archiver

The Barracuda Message Archiver is a complete and affordable email archiving solution, which enables the development of an effective index and preserves all emails, enhances operational efficiencies and achieves regulatory compliance.


Leveraging standard policies and seamless access to messages, email content is fully indexed and backed up to enable administrators, auditors and end users; quick retrieval of any email message stored in an organization’s email archive.


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