Nowadays, Microsoft manufactures 50% of all the world's computer applications. Microsoft is the world leader in Windows operating systems, both in servers and PC versions.


The objectives Microsoft has always looked for, and no doubt are part of its exit, are:


  • Software compatible with previous versions. New OS versions are intended to be as compatible with previous OS as possible.
  • Many assistants and other resources to make easier the job of those that have poor computer knowledge.
  • Give priority to the interoperability of its own products.


MÒDUL4 is a Microsoft's certified partner.




W2008 Server solutions

Windows Server 2008 is today the most solid OS ever created by Microsoft. Windows Server 2008 incorporates virtualization and improved Web capacities. It has been designed to give more reliability and flexibility to the server’s infrastructures, reducing costs and support time. Its powerful tools give you a better control over servers and allow the optimization of configuration tasks and administration. Moreover, its advanced security gives a better protection of data and network.




Windows Small Business Server 2008

Windows Small Business Server 2008 is designed to give Small businesses a complete network server.


  • Access your office equipment at anytime and anywhere. Work with you e-mail, your files and your business applications.
  • Share resources and equipment as well as Internet access, printers and fax machines, to obtain the maximum optimization of your technological investment.
  • Enjoy compatibility and scalability.
  • Work with more efficiency and add value to your business through a network console based on Windows Server 2008 technologies.



Exchange Server 2007 Solutions

The differences between working with traditional mail and Exchange Mail:

  • Do you use or share contacts to send mail?
  • Do you ask for or give tasks through e-mail?
  • Do you exchange messages to meet or plan meetings?
  • Do you attach or share documents?


Exchange Mail allows a better collaboration and gives better results and more efficiency than traditional mail.


Today, for most companies, electronic mail is an indispensable tool for communication that allows people to obtain the best results. This dependence of mail has caused an enormous increase of sent and received mail. E-mails make it easier to make many different activities and to increase the company's speed.


In parallel with this transformation, the employees’ prospects have evolved too. Today they demand full efficient access to mail, calendars, attached documents, contacts etc. independently of where they are or which devices they are using.


Exchange 2007 has been designed to be a complete, integrated and flexible solution for clients of any size. Exchange 2007 gives server distinctive functions appropriate to the way in which messaging systems are usually implemented and distributed.


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