gsBase is an innovative system to design, exploit and maintain applications and integrated computer solutions. It is a programmable system that allows creating applications using high performance databases designed for centralized networks.


It is a development and application execution

system with client-server structure


For designing, it includes an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that makes possible to create and modify applications quickly and easily, and give instantaneous support to local and remote installations at the same time.


  • It is a general purpose tool for development and exploitation. It is used to create solutions for engineering, calculus, management, graphic design, education, etc. It includes new and original ideas that will make your job easier.
  • It allows the design of complete solutions for companies (ERP's, CRM's, B2B, B2C, ...) minimizing the invested time, hardware resources and development costs.
  • Communication between client and server can be established using local networks, Internet or private networks. Minimum communication resources make possible to use different communication technologies. ADSL, GPRS, UMTS, RTB, Frame Relay, RDSI, etc.


It uses new and original ideas for applications design
Relational database of variable length
It works with a real client-server structure
It allows the permanent connection of thousands of concurrent users
It is a programmable system that allows the creation of configurable solutions

gsBase and


Simple solutions to

solve complex problems

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