MÒDUL4 appears in 1993 as the result of the collaboration of a group of professionals in the sectors of software, architecture and telecommunications.

In its beginning, MÒDUL4 was almost exclusively devoted to the implementation of software systems at architects offices and construction companies, as a result of the experience of its founders. Nowadays, MÒDUL4 has expanded its market and serves companies in other sectors, always within personal computer software market.


Now and then MÒDUL4 sells reliability.


We have moved on from 4 people that began our project in 1993, to a team of 20 professionals including engineers, computer specialists, economists, etc. The turnover of 240 thousand Euros in the first year of existence has grown to the 2 million planned for this year.

To achieve that, we rely on quality products, services that meet users' needs and, above all, professionals that are familiar with the most modern tools and techniques.

We have a highly qualified team. Certification by the leading manufacturers ensures their training and the quality of our services.


C/ Almogàvers, 68-70 - 08018 - Barcelona

tel. 93 303 68 04 - fax 93 303 68 06

[email protected]